In 2002 the Born Free Foundation became one of Land Rover's Global Sponsorship Partners. This partnership shows Land Rover’s commitment to the environment through sponsorship of leading environmental organisations, the development of sustainable practices and technologies.

Together Land Rover and Born Free are working to conserve wild animals and their habitats. This includes vehicle support in the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Sri Lanka, as well as dealer promotions, staff incentives, PR and merchandise opportunities and a clothing allowance for field projects. Born Free´s Will Travers is deeply grateful: "Land Rover’s support gives us the backing we need to carry out frontline conservation on a daily basis."

Field Land Rovers utilised by Born Free:

  • Ethiopia: One Land Rover donated by Land Rover and one Land Rover previously owned by the UN and purchased with funds donated by the Wildlife Conservation Network.
  • Kenya: Two Land Rovers on loan & five which we have purchased from Land Rover.
  • South Africa: One Land Rover on loan and one Land Rover which has been donated to the Born Free Education & Animal Rescue Centre at Shamwari.
  • Sri Lanka: Specially adapted Land Rover to be used as an elephant ambulance. Funded by an anonymous donation.
  • UK: Four Land Rovers on loan and an education van which was donated by the dealers.
  • Zimbabwe: One Land Rover purchased from Land Rover.

The customer is obliged to comply with the instructions relating to the maintenance, use and care of the vehicle as set out in the Owner’s Manual and Warranty and Maintenance Information Booklet.


Kenya is a key, strategic country for wild animal conservation and is also of historical significance to the Born Free Foundation. This is why Born Free Kenya was established, in order to implement a number of important conservation activities within Kenya.

Local community support is vital to successful conservation projects in Kenya. Raising awareness and capacity building among communities are important tools in Born Free Kenya’s work to keep wildlife in the wild. Local communities and the wider public are incorporated into all the work Born Free Kenya undertakes, from protecting wild animals through anti-poaching and education outreach, human-lion conflict mitigation projects, to carrying out Nairobi’s first outdoor art exhibition, Pride of Kenya, which helped to raise awareness of wildlife issues across many sections of society.

Born Free Kenya protects wild animals while working with communities and local partners to change attitudes and policies, to ensure a safe and thriving future for Kenya’s magnificent wildlife.


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